Viola Rothschild (罗兰) is a proud 中美混血 (Chinese-American mixed blood) that grew up bouncing between an organic farm in rural Maine and a military retirees’ apartment compound on the outskirts of Beijing. Following her graduation from Bowdoin College in 2014, she spent a year in China on a Fulbright research fellowship learning about the backgrounds, trajectories, and aspirations of African student-entrepreneurs in greater Zhejiang Province. She is continuing her work on Sino-African relations as a Master’s student at the University of Oxford and as a remote researcher at China House.

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Zander Rounds (阮杉达), a former Fulbright Scholar, is the current research manager at China House, a Chinese-led social enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya. He graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 2014 (Hoya Saxa!). His research interests are transnational and disperse, his preferred methodologies jumbled. In Nairobi, he conducts projects designed to glimpse the perspectives and aspirations of Chinese nationals residing and working in Kenya, in an effort to better understand (and address) the issues overseas Chinese firms tend to be associated with.

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Huang Hongxiang (黄泓翔) WechatIMG3583graduated from the Journalism school at Fudan University and from SIPA (School of International and Public Affairs) at Columbia University of New York.

Since graduating from SIPA in 2013, Huang has worked in Africa as a freelance journalist and business representative/consultant for responsible Chinese investment projects. He is dedicated to working on multi-stakeholder dialogues for China’s Going Out and to ensuring the sustainable development of Chinese overseas investment.

Huang is the founder and CEO of the Nairobi-based China House Kenya, which provides consulting services to Chinese companies in Africa on sustainable development and investment.